How Honeybees Keep you Well Fed

June 22, 2013 admin Protecting Nature

I’ve recently become a beekeeper.  Although it was an opportunity that was offered to me and not an intentional decision to be a friend to a colony, I am enjoying the experience and enjoying gaining loads of knowledge about keeping bees and the importance of bees in food production. I came across this article about [...]


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What Do I Do to Protect Nature?

March 13, 2013 admin Protecting NatureThoughts and Ideas for Nature

We protect what we love. I think I can speak for everyone with that statement.  Whether it be people, beliefs, our belongings or the facets of nature.  I actually saw that statement at the end of “The Suzuki Diaries” so it got me thinking about how I protect what I love in nature.  I’ll have [...]


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Endowing Nature

February 26, 2013 admin Nature BooksNature Resources

Awhile ago I read a book called ‘Last Child in the Woods’ by Richard Louv that influenced the values I have as a parent, community member and nature fan.  The book lays out the unfortunate societal norm that lacks sufficient outdoor time for children that contributes to a number of damaging childhood trends.  There is [...]


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