How Honeybees Keep you Well Fed

June 22, 2013 admin Protecting Nature

Checking the hive

Adding some frames into my super – this is where I’ll get to harvest some yummy honey from!!

I’ve recently become a beekeeper.  Although it was an opportunity that was offered to me and not an intentional decision to be a friend to a colony, I am enjoying the experience and enjoying gaining loads of knowledge about keeping bees and the importance of bees in food production.

I came across this article about the bold move Whole Foods is taking to create awareness about the decline in honeybees and how they’re helping to preserve an important invertebrate: Whole Foods buzzing about bees | Canadian Grocer.

I was a bit ignorant to the necessity of bees in nature before I took up beekeeping.  I had heard who this integral pollinators were disappearing at somewhat alarming rates, but I have to admit that I didn’t really take notice until I started researching the art of beekeeping.

Now it’s hard not to be concerned, as I am in danger of losing my whole colony no matter what precautions I take or how ‘perfectly’ I perform my beekeeping duties.  Over the winter, they could be all gone, without any definite explanation as to why.

One of the best things that you can do to protect the majority of the produce supply is to start a colony of bees yourself.  It takes very little time, especially after the first year when you better equipped with experience.  You also get the satisfaction of harvesting your very own honey and saving a valuable species.

You’ll find lots of online resources to help you get started.  Here’s one site that describes how to start beekeeping for free that has a wealth of information.

What can you do to help out nature’s pollinators?

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