What Do I Do to Protect Nature?

March 13, 2013 admin Protecting NatureThoughts and Ideas for Nature

We protect what we love.

I think I can speak for everyone with that statement.  Whether it be people, beliefs, our belongings or the facets of nature.  I actually saw that statement at the end of “The Suzuki Diaries” so it got me thinking about how I protect what I love in nature.  I’ll have to admit that I don’t take action near as much as I’d like to.  There is so much about nature that I find vitally important to human existence – or at least peaceful human existence – and I don’t take some simple actions that represent my true interest in sustaining our deteriorating natural world.

Protecting those other things in life that I love tends to come much easier.  My 3 children are constantly in my thoughts of what I can best do to keep them safe and I regularly do things to specifically ensure their safety and keep them growing physically and in maturity.  I keep my husband in my thoughts of how to best treat him with simple things like making his meals and the harder stuff like growing in our relationship.  Even the stuff I have gets some of my special attention to protect it from theft, fire and damage of other sorts.

When it comes to “Protecting” nature, I don’t have too much to report.

I do value nature very much and grow in my respect and understanding of what nature does for our world every year.  The awesome stuff I learn, about how nature works and how it sustains human life, seems to be unending.  More importantly, I learn so much about myself and how to live a more balanced life just by being connected to nature.

I have volunteered to help take inventory of the urban forest in my community.  This is exactly one of the ways that I can take real action to make a difference in sustaining and protecting nature.  I’m glad to report this one activity that I am doing to protect our natural world and looking for what other things I can do continuously to protect something that I love so much.

What are the big and little things you do to protect nature?

Look for some new posts as I explore what I can do to protect some of the hurting areas of nature.

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